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One of the Lowest Rates for Hosting

Full Year Prepaid

Bitmain X3 / Z9 Mini / B3 – $49 /month

Bitmain E3 / L3 / Z9 regular- $74/month

Innosilicon A9 - $74/month 
Bitmain A3 - $99/month 
Bitmain S9 - $105/month

T9 - $110/month 

6 Month Prepaid

Bitmain X3 / Z9 Mini / B3 – $49 /month

Bitmain E3 / L3 / Z9 regular - $79/month 

Innosilicon A9 - $79/month 
Bitmain A3 - $105/month 
Bitmain S9 - $109/month

T9 - $114/month 

Standard Monthly - No Commitments

Bitmain X3 / Z9 Mini / B3 – $55 /month

Bitmain E3 / L3 / Z9 regular - $85/month 

Innosilicon A9 - $74/month 
Bitmain A3 - $110/month 
Bitmain S9 - $115/month 

T9 - $120/month 


*Prepaid contract money are non refundable after 15 days of services and is only valid for the ASIC that it was purchased for.

*There is a 10% of total invoice Late fee if you pay after 7 days of receiving the invoice

*BTC price for Partial Month is base on the rate of the day of the invoice and will be listed in the Invoice Note.  For Full Month, it will always be set to the BTC rate of the First day of the Month per CoinMarket Cap price at 10AM CST.

*Overclocking and Custom Firmware is not recommended, however it’s your machine so we will not restrict your choice nor decisions.  If you choose to overclock your machine, please sign our waiver and do it at your own risk, knowing that you’re voiding your Vendor’s warranty.  Extra $15/ASIC per month for Overclocked machines or machines with Custom Firmware

* There is a 1 time installation fee of $35 per ASIC installation.  We will waive this installation fee if you’re a Bitcointalk member and comment on our thread, letting people know you’re using our service.

*There is a $35 fee at the end of the service to disconnect the ASIC and package for shipping back to owner.  We will waive this fee if the ASIC is being replaced by a new ASIC for hosting service.  Fees are also waived if the unit requires RMA shipping or if the unit no longer works.

*Customer is responsible for RMAs and RMA shipping cost.  We will assist with the disconnect, packaging and RMA shipping at no additional charges other than the cost of shipping.

*We also provide reselling assistance where we pair up potential buyers with your older hardware for a 10% commission fee.

*Customer are responsible for providing C13 to C14 Power cables for their Power Supplies.  If none is provided, customers can purchase 1 from for $7.95 each

*We require at least a 2 weeks advance noticed for all service termination request and our standard turn around time to prep miners for return shipping is 3-7 business days.

* It is mandatory that you keep your Antminer username pw default as root / root for it to work with our Dashboard software.  This will not affect your security as we have full physical access and can physically reset any machines so we do not have to worry about hackers or anything.

*Please set your Miners to DHCP


Mine With the Best.....For Less!



Custom Mining4Less Dashboard Monitoring Software

Monitor and Manage all of your ASICs on one Dashboard anywhere from the WORLD!


  • Pool Worker Names, URLs and status 
  • Local and Public IP Address
  • Boot Count
  • Hash Rate per Board
  • PCB and Core Temperature per Board
  • Orange Highlight for machine with a board not hashing
  • Firmware Version