Host With Us!

Pay one low fee then enjoy checking your pool without the noise and bother of machines in your house!

Hosting currently closed for new customers. Accepting machines only from current customers. Check back for openings and updates.

Comment on our Thread to let other Bitcointalk members know you're hosting with us and we will waive the $35 per ASIC installation fee. Click Here

Full Year Prepaid


Bitmain L3 - $74/month 
Bitmain A3/D3 - $99/month 
Bitmain S9 - $105/month 

Bitmain T9- $110

6 Month Prepaid

Bitmain L3 - $79/month 
Bitmain A3/D3 - $105/month 
Bitmain S9 - $109/month

BitmainT9 - $114

Standard Monthly - No Commitments

Bitmain L3 - $85/month 
Bitmain A3/D3 - $110/month 
Bitmain S9 - $115/month 

Bitmain T9 - $120/month


*Overclocking and Custom Firmware is not recommended, however it’s your machine so we will not restrict your choice nor decisions.  If you choose to overclock your machine, please sign our waiver and do it at your own risk, knowing that you’re voiding your Vendor’s warranty.  Extra $15/ASIC per month for Overclocked machines or machines with Custom Firmware

Mine With the Best.....For Less!



Custom Mining4Less Dashboard Monitoring Software

Monitor and Manage all of your ASICs on one Dashboard anywhere from the WORLD!


  • Pool Worker Names, URLs and status 
  • Local and Public IP Address
  • Boot Count
  • Hash Rate per Board
  • PCB and Core Temperature per Board
  • Orange Highlight for machine with a board not hashing
  • Firmware Version