About Us

Mining4Less currently has 4 Mega Facilities and are hosting thousands of ASICs for customers.  We are working towards filling our 4th building in 4 Phases to make sure we do things right and provide the best customer experience rather than rush. 

We have a 5th facility currently in the planning stages. Expected launch date of this building will be late 2018. 

Our Facilities

Phase 1 - 700 total openings (Filled)  

Phase 2 - 750 total openings (Filled)

Phase 3 - 850 total openings (Filled)

Phase 4 - 1750 total openings - Available Late May / June 

-Reservations closed for new customers. Reserving for current customers additional machines only.

Phase 5 - New 5th Facility - End of 2018